We want to assure our valued customers that during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are able to meet your needs in the event of funerals, anniversaries, and birthdays.  In accordance with CDC, State, and Federal guidelines, we are practicing recommended sanitizing and social distancing.

We are open and we are taking every precautionary measure to insure patrons are taken care of! Please call 336-597-5300 or 336-599-0385 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you!

The Garden Center has all types of vegetable seeds, onion sets, vegetable slips, fertilizer, pine needles, potting soil, and mulch. New shipments of trees and shrubs are in!

We will be posting pictures of our products, including funeral work and everyday arrangements, cemetery, and door wreaths. If you don’t see a certain product, please call us for availability! If you are not able to get by to see us, please call and place your order and we will be glad to assist you with getting it out to your vehicle.  However, we are temporarily suspending out of county with the exception of bereavement deliveries to funeral homes, and offering curbside service for your other needs.

To insure we receive your order, please call either of the above numbers.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued business! We hope everyone stays safe and well!


April is a great time to garden in most parts of the Southeast. Temperatures are still moderate, and there is enough rain to keep your plants happy but not so much that you will be miserable working out in the garden. Do not put away the row covers just yet, however, as you can still get the occasional cold night.

  1. Stake tall perennials such as hollyhocks before they get too big and start flopping over.
  2. Finish pruning rose bushes.
  3. (Late April:) Direct sow the seed of warm-season vegetables.
  4. (Late April:) Start transplanting the seedlings of warm-season plants outdoors. Nighttime temperatures need to stay above 50 degrees F for this.
  5. Fertilize bulbs when they are done blooming but do not cut back the leaves until they start to turn yellow.

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