Writers' Views on January


The first month of the year,

A perfect time to start all over again,

Changing energies and deserting old moods,

New beginnings, new attitudes”

― Charmaine J Forde

"January is the quietest month in the garden. ... But just because it looks quiet doesn't mean that nothing is happening. The soil, open to the sky, absorbs the pure rainfall while microorganisms convert tilled-under fodder i​nto usable nutrients for the next crop of plants. The feasting earthworms tunnel along, aerating the soil and preparing it to welcome the seeds and bare roots to come."

- Rosalie Muller Wright, Editor of Sunset Magazine, 1/99

 "We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives . . . not looking for flaws, but for potential." ―Ellen Goodman

"The first day of January always presents to my mind a train of very solemn and important reflections and a question more easily asked than answered frequently occurs viz: How have I improved the past year and with [what] good intentions do I view the dawn of its successor?" ―Charlotte Brontë

"There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogues."

- Hal Borland

The shortest day has passed, and whatever nastiness of weather we may look forward to in January and February, at least we notice that the days are getting longer. Minute by minute they lengthen out. It takes some weeks before we become aware of the change. It is imperceptible even as the growth of a child, as you watch it day by day, until the moment comes when with a start of delighted surprise we realize that we can stay out of doors in a

twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour."

- Vita Sackville-West


January Gardening Tips and To-do list by Planting Zone 

It’s January.

Here’s what you could be doing around your garden this January:

Zone Seven

1. Put the Warm Days to Use

It’s inevitable at some point in January you’ll have a few warm days. Put these days to good use.

During the winter, chickweed and wild onions like to sprout in some of your garden beds. Use the warm days to pull these items out of your garden beds.

2. Start Seeds

Towards the end of January, there are some seeds you should get busy starting indoors. If you enjoy broccoli and cabbage, they can be started inside.

However, you can also grow some lettuce indoors too. This will be a welcomed task considering it’s difficult to have many fresh greens over the winter months.

3. Direct Sow Certain Veggies

Though it’s cold outside, there are some vegetables which are hearty enough to be able to withstand the temperatures.

You can direct sow cabbage seeds and onion seeds outdoors. Be sure to plant them in a cold frame or under row covers for added protection.

4. Prep Strawberries and Asparagus

Do you have established strawberry and asparagus beds in your yard or garden? It’s time to take care of them.

Begin by pulling any weeds in the beds. Finish the job by adding fertilizer to the beds and topping them with a fresh layer of mulch.


January 1 Polar Bear Plunge Day #PolarPlunge

January 2 World Introvert Day #Introvert

January 3 Festival of Sleep Day #FestivalOfSleepDay

January 4 National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay

January 5 National Bird Day #NationalBirdDay

January 6 National Technology Day #TechnologyDay

January 7 National Bobblehead Day #NationalBobbleheadDay

January 8 National Winter Skin Relief Day #WinterSkinReliefDay

January 9 National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD) #LEAD

January 9 Word Nerd Day #WordNerdDay

January 10 National Bittersweet Chocolate Day #BittersweetChocolateDay

January 11 National Human Trafficking Awareness Day #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay

January 12 International Kiss A Ginger Day #KissAGingerDay

January 13 National Clean Off Your Desk Day #CleanOffYourDeskDay

January 14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day #DressUpYourPetDay

January 14 National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day 

January 15 National Bagel Day #NationalBagelDay

January 16 National Religious Freedom Day #ReligiousFreedomDay

January 17 Ditch New Year's Resolution Day #DitchNewYearsResolutionsDay

January 18 National Winnie The Pooh Day #WinnieThePoohDay

January 19 National Popcorn Day #NationalPopcornDay.

January 20 National Cheese Lover’s Day #CheeseLoversDay

January 21 National Hugging Day #NationalHuggingDay

January 22 Celebration of Life Day #CelebrationOfLifeDay

January 23 National Pie Day #NationalPieDay

January 24 National Compliment Day #NationalComplimentDay

January 25 National Opposite Day #NationalOppositeDay

January 26 Plan for Vacation Day #PlanForVacation

January 27 International Holocaust Remembrance Day #HolocaustRemembranceDay

January 28 International Lego Day #LegoDay

January 29 National Puzzle Day #NationalPuzzleDay

January 30 National Seed Swap Day #NationalSeedSwapDay

January 31 National Hot Chocolate Day #NationalHotChocolateDay


Remember that Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year.  We will be extending our hours on Saturday, February 13th until 5:00 p.m.

We will be closed on Sunday, February 14th, Valentine's Day.   Please keep this in mind as you plan to remember your certain someone for Valentine's Day 2021

In this month of new beginnings, frosty mornings, cold winds, and renewed hopes, may you all stay warm, healthy, and most of all hopeful.

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